SERV deadline is nearly upon us

It’s great to see the proposals that have been submitted to date for our upcoming Sharing Extension Resources Virtually (SERV) conference, but the clock hasn’t hit zero yet. The deadline for proposals is Jan. 25 and I encourage anyone who has been on the fence or thinks they have a great idea to take the plunge and submit a Request for Proposal.

There have been at least 20 proposals submitted for the various sessions and it is going to be a great learning opportunity for everyone — me included.

SERV is a series of professional development sessions conducted online. The first SERV date is March 18 and will be followed by other SERV sessions on June 17 and Sept. 23. All run from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. This is our way of taking the online experience we’ve developed at Fall Extension Conference and extending it throughout the year.

The SERV sessions fall under three categories:

  • Ignite: 5-minute presentation with 20 PowerPoint slides or fewer
  • Lightning Round: 25-minute session with at least 10 minutes of interaction and discussion
  • Traditional Interactive: 50-minute session with at least 15 minutes of interaction and discussion

You may have a particular professional development need you’d like a colleague to cover in SERV. Please share this information with that person – even if they are an Extension employee from another state or someone outside of Extension. We can tap into a wealth of resources to assist us in doing our jobs more effectively.

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