MSUE News stories can lead to new connections

The Lenawee County poultry story reminds me of another one that involves Janelle Stewart, Lenawee County Michigan State University Extension 4-H educator in the Children and Youth Institute. Janelle published an article for MSUE News in January titled “Create a Good Partnership in Eight Steps.” Last week, she received an email from Clare Membiela, associate director at the Thomas M. Cooley Law Libraries. Clare was planning some professional development for 50 library staff members at all five of Cooley’s campuses and asked Janelle if she would give a one-hour training on partnerships based on her article. Clare had read Janelle’s article and thought it would be helpful for her colleagues to learn from Janelle directly.

It’s not every day that a 4-H educator gets invited to speak to librarians at a law school. In this case, it’s the largest law school in the nation, and it’s our colleague Janelle who got that unusual request. You never know who might be reading your MSUE News articles!

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