SERVing up a success

Michigan State University Extension‘s first SERV session has come and gone and I feel confident in declaring it a great success. We are anxiously awaiting feedback to see what we did well and what we can do better in the future, but we already know that the March 18 Sharing Extension Resources Virtually online conference saw more than 150 attendees at 50 sessions.

The conference featured sessions varied in both subject matter and in length. With five-minute Ignite sessions, 25-minute lightning sessions and 45-minute traditional sessions covering topics delivered by communications, the business office and Extension educators, there was a chance for everyone to learn about an array of interesting subjects.

A huge thank you goes to those who helped put on the conference:  Doug Brahee, Megghan Honke, Cheryl Peters, Matt Raven, Luke Reese, Matt Shane, Lela Vandenburg, all the presenters and the attendees.

During Monday’s Director’s update, we received some encouraging feedback from SERV participants about what they learned and what they wanted in a future SERV conference. But Cheryl Peters has developed a survey, and I encourage everyone who attended the sessions live to take a few minutes and provide some more systematic feedback through the survey. It will help us ensure that the June 17 SERV conference is even better.

If you couldn’t attend Monday’s sessions live they are all archived online and ready to view.

If you have a SERV sessions you would like to propose or have a topic you would like to see someone else deliver, Events Management is taking Requests for Proposals right now. Proposals are due by May 1, so start working on them soon.

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