MSU Extension creates interactive cash farmland lease

We’re in the business of helping people, whether it’s educating at workshops, sharing expertise through our website or creating publications that assist and inform. Recently, one Michigan State University Extension team saw a need and went into action.

Landowners and farmers often rely on verbal arrangements for leasing cropland. However, a verbal lease can cause complications and misunderstandings. To avoid the problems involved with verbal leases, MSU Extension district farm management educators Curtis Talley Jr. and Dennis Stein, along with attorney Trent C. Hilding, have produced the “Michigan Cash Farmland Lease bulletin (product number E3193).”

Farmers may use the lease template in a variety of situations. This template is unique in that it is specific to Michigan. In the past, we provided farmers with other land-grant university templates that were not specific to our state laws.

The template, an interactive Microsoft Word form, can be easily filled out on a computer, saved and printed out.

Find the free template in the MSU Extension Bookstore by searching for “farmland lease.”

Read this ANR Communications news release about the lease template:


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