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I’ve had dozens of questions about copyright since my article on that subject appeared in Spotlight.

In a follow-up article, guest author Agriculture and Natural Resources Communications editor Rebecca McKee answered a question about getting permission to use a photo. She gave helpful tips on requesting permission and using photos from third parties.

Amy Blair, Michigan State University copyright librarian, gave a SERV – Sharing Extension Resources Virtually session June 17 called “Navigating Copyright and Fair Use of Information.” That session is available online here. I encourage anyone who writes articles for MSU Extension News, creates PowerPoints for workshops, develops curriculum or does just about anything that involves using third-party information to watch this webinar.

Besides explaining fair use in copyright law, Amy explains how the MSU Copyright Permissions Center can assist you in obtaining permission to use third-party information. She also mentions some websites that allow use of images as long as you give proper attribution. This can be a real timesaver when searching for that perfect photo – and it’s free!

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