JOE: A great way to share the knowledge

Our Michigan State University Extension staff members have a wealth of experience, expertise and efforts. Often colleagues may not be aware of the exemplary efforts and corresponding outcomes achieved by their peers. A great way to share the learning is to publish in the Journal of Extension (JOE).

JOE is the official refereed journal of the U.S. Cooperative Extension System, written, reviewed and edited by Extension professionals. Peer review is rigorous: currently, 27.8 percent of submissions are accepted.

The June 2013 issue contains an article written by MSU Extension public policy specialist Claire Layman, Kellogg Biological Station education and outreach coordinator Julie Doll and Extension evaluation specialist Cheryl Peters. “Using Stakeholder Needs Assessments and Deliberate Dialogue to Inform Climate Change Outreach Efforts” discusses the use of a participatory decision model “deliberation with analysis” to inform climate change programming around agriculture.

In that same issue, MSU associate professor Wynne Wright and research assistant Katherine Nault wrote about “Growing Youth Food Citizens.” The article covers the research done on involving youth in seeing themselves as food citizens capable of improving their food environment.

I encourage you to take the time to read the articles. You’ll learn from them. At the same time, start thinking about your own involvement in programming. Perhaps you’d like to write about it and submit your work to JOE.

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