4-H rockets into The Economist

This week, I received an email from my counterpart at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Chuck Hibberd, dean and director of UNL Extension. His note gives some interesting background to a story on 4-H that appeared in the British weekly magazine, The Economist. 4-H is not a topic that you might expect to find in The Economist, so it was fun to read about a British reporter’s encounter with 4-H at the Nebraska State Fair. Here is Dr. Hibberd’s story, along with a link to the article:

I’m pleased to share an excellent article from this week’s issue of The Economist magazine entitled, Farming as Rocket Science. The story features Nebraska 4-H and 4-H’s influential role in STEM education and workforce development throughout the United States. Click here to read the full article.

 The Economist’s Lexington columnist was curious about 4-H after seeing the 4-H emblem prominently showcased during his travels throughout thousands of communities across the United States. As a result, he reached out to National 4-H Council to learn more about 4-H. He then spent several days seeing 4-H in action in Nebraska – meeting prominent 4-H alumni, University and Extension leadership, collegiate 4-Hers and several 4-H clubs and interacting with the members, volunteers and parents. He also visited the Nebraska State Fair and spent time with young people presenting their projects there.

 The article is a great testament to all of our excellent work. Let’s celebrate together in the success of what we do and share in the great attention that this high-profile story will bring to 4-H programs across our nation. – Chuck Hibberd

Thanks to Chuck and his colleagues for taking the time to show the reporter around. By the way, Dr. Hibberd will be joining us for Fall Extension Conference, speaking on “The 21st Century Extension Professional.” Maybe he can show us how to shoot off a rocket, too!

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