Galaxy IV: Making connections with colleagues from across the U.S.

Many of our Michigan State University Extension colleagues have been in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, this week, attending the Galaxy Conference IV. Galaxy is a conference that is organized and managed by the Joint Council of Extension Professionals, JCEP. It is held every five years and what is most remarkable about it to me is that it is put on by Extension colleagues representing all of the professional Extension associations. In the intervening four years, each professional association holds its own national conference, but once in every five years, we all come together to share presentations about the work and scholarship of Extension professionals and to hear from thought leaders in our work. I’ve just returned (early) from Galaxy myself and learned some valuable new lessons and developed ideas that can help us in our own advancement of Extension in Michigan. Rather than convey just one person’s reflections on Galaxy, I’d like to invite those of you who attended to share some of your insights from the conference as you reflect and return to your work in Michigan. Please use the comments box to share your reflections on something that you brought back from Galaxy and that you think may be of value to your colleagues in MSU Extension. Thanks in advance for sharing your thoughts in this way.


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2 responses to “Galaxy IV: Making connections with colleagues from across the U.S.

  1. Suzanne Pish

    In front of our hotel we got to meet Michael Buble. That was a huge highlight 🙂 But the other highlights were winning a National Award for our RELAX curriculum package and networking with people from all over the country.

  2. Shari Spoelman

    Two of my favorite sessions were the ECOP sessions (Extension Committee on Organization and Policy). In the first, “The Importance and Significance of Smith-Lever to Extension Today,” we learned about the upcoming 2014 national celebration of 100 years of Cooperative Extension. It will be great to have our state and local offices join in the national recognition of 100 years of Extension. Logos and promotional ideas can be found at (look under “tool kit”).
    The second ECOP session addressed “The Skills and Attributes of 21st Century Extension Professionals.” What makes a great Extension staff member? Is it what we learned in school? Our credentials? Or is it our great personality that we bring to the office and out in the field everyday? Is it our honesty and integrity? Or our technical know-how? Chuck Hibberd will be sharing more information about this at our Fall Extension Conference.