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I’ve mentioned in Spotlight about how well our Michigan State University Extension website is spreading the news. We celebrated passing the million mark back in November 2012. At its one-year birthday April 18, 2013, the site hit 1.8 million pageviews.

We can get excited about the numbers, but the success of the site lies in the content. We bring reliable research-based information to the public, and they keep coming back for more.

I noticed an article posted yesterday (October 16) by Extension educator Gretchen Voyle, titled “Your Garden Party of Fall Cleanup Tasks.” I was feeling like a slacker since I hadn’t gotten started on her “party” list until this past weekend. On the other hand, we haven’t had a killing frost yet, so the continuing blossoms in my perennial beds have made it easy to keep putting off some of the yard work.

I’m always tempted to leave the leaves where they fall and trust the wind to move them to places where they can rest and decompose on their own schedule. I’ve only done that once or twice in my life and the neighbors have given me those disagreeable looks as I’ve pulled out of the driveway in the morning. Gretchen’s advice makes this seem less demanding – using the mower to chop and blow leaves as much as possible, though I still find myself with windrowed piles that I need to move elsewhere.

And any article that lists “things not to do” is a favorite of mine. In this case, it’s fall pruning that Gretchen advises to put off to late winter or spring. There are a few shrubs in my yard that need some trimming, but with Gretchen’s counsel, I’m not procrastinating, but actually doing the prudent thing for my landscape.

Of course there are dozens of other bits of information and advice posted on our website every day, and that is what attracts the millions of page views that we’re pleased to document. Thanks to Gretchen and ALL who contribute articles for our website. They represent the strength of our programs and the breadth of topics and communities that we serve.

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