A shout-out to Michigan agriculture – from The Nature Conservancy

You might be interested in reading a blog entry I came across this week, written by Helen Taylor, director of The Nature Conservancy in Michigan and an appointee to the Great Lakes Commission. The title is “Time to Be Thankful for Farmers’ Husbandry of Michigan Water.”

Many times, farmers get blamed for using too much water for irrigation or polluting water with fertilizer runoff. Ms. Taylor’s blog highlights the efforts expended by Michigan farmers to protect groundwater resources – their quality AND quantity – and their efforts to use just the right amount of fertilizer so they minimize waste and loss to surface waters. AND she highlights the efforts of Michigan State University faculty and staff to develop solutions that help farmers to be good stewards of our unique water resources.

For a holiday that draws a lot of attention to food, it’s fitting to have our agricultural partners recognized for producing food in a way that ensures future generations access to our aquatic bounty.

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