Making MSU (the best) better

I continue to marvel at how effective our 4-H Youth Development programs are at preparing young people for success in higher education. And one of the biggest beneficiaries of that effectiveness is our own university, Michigan State. Not only are Michigan 4-H youth more likely to go on for post-high school education than their peers, they are more likely to apply to and enroll at MSU than the average Michigan high school graduate, and they are more likely to graduate on time than the average MSU freshman. Part of the formula for this success is simply communicating to youth throughout our programs that higher education is in their best long-term career interest and helping them to build the self-confidence that they can succeed in college.

So an email yesterday from Laura Potter, educational program events coordinator for the Children and Youth Institute, showed further evidence that our 4-H’ers are getting the message. Laura’s email went out to all staff in the Children and Youth Institute, but I thought it merits going more widely to our MSU Extension community, so here’s some great news:

“It’s my pleasure to announce the MSUE 4-H youth recipients of the MSU Pre-College Scholarship for 2013-14. A total of 61 scholarships were awarded by MSU Admissions and 90% went to 4-H pre-college program participants from 33 counties in 12 of the 13 MSUE districts! Recipients receive a $2,000 scholarship applied to their first year at MSU as a degree-seeking student. Letters were sent yesterday from MSU Admissions to all applicants informing them of whether or not they were selected.”

Congratulations to those who received their scholarships and to those parents, volunteers and MSU Extension staff who help them to see the value of college in their future!

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