Turtles in trouble

In a Spotlight article dated Feb. 27, I let you know that the eagerly awaited revision of a popular field guide Michigan Turtles and Lizards (E2234) is now available for purchase at our Michigan State UniversityExtensionBookstore.

The Chinese Box Turtle is a threatened Chinese species.

The Chinese Box Turtle, Cuora flavomarginata, is a threatened Chinese species due to commercial demand for turtles as food and medicine. Photo credit: J. H. Harding.

Turtles have been successful since the early “Age of Dinosaurs” yet many species are now endangered and some species have recently become extinct in the wild due to exploitation by humans. If you want to know more about the reticent reptiles, check out the Turtles in Trouble exhibit at the MSU Museum. The exhibit started March 29 and runs through September 21. It features common and rare Michigan turtles as well as endangered Asian species.

These lifelike sculptures by Mark Muhich are part of the MSU Museum exhibit “Turtles in Trouble.”

These lifelike sculptures of endangered southeastern Asian turtles by Mark Muhich are part of the MSU Museum exhibit “Turtles in Trouble” that runs through September 21, 2014. Photo credit: J.H. Harding.

James H. Harding, co-author of Michigan Turtles and Lizards, lent his expertise to the museum exhibit. The event includes lifelike sculptures by artist Mark Muhich, an MSU alumnus.

You’ll learn interesting facts from the exhibit: did you know that the little Eastern Box Turtle can live to be 100 years old? That the increase in demand for turtles as food in Asia has led to the endangerment or near extinction of some species? Find out more at the museum.

The exhibit has attracted interest across the country as seen by this Miami Herald article: http://www.miamiherald.com/2014/03/28/4024181/turtles-in-trouble-exhibit-at.html


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