Everything you’ve ever wanted to ask about copyright

The editors on the production team at Agriculture and Natural Resources Communications would like to hear your questions about copyright and intellectual property issues. Maybe you have big-picture questions (“What on earth is fair use?” or “Who owns the copyright to Michigan State University Extension materials?”) or queries at the nitty-gritty level (“Can I put that Calvin and Hobbes comic strip with the dinosaurs in it in my PowerPoint for this workshop?” or “How much do I have to change this brownie recipe to make it legal?”). No one will laugh at your questions and no one will turn you in to the copyright police for asking them. The team will use your questions to decide what to include in an update of the MSU Extension Guidelines for Using Copyrighted Materials, which was originally produced in the late 1980s and as you can imagine, really needs some work today.

Please send your questions (along with your name and contact information if you’re willing to have someone contact you about your questions) to editor Rebecca McKee at mckeer@msu.edu, by April 30.

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