Greening Mid-Michigan video reaches tens of thousands

Dr. Chuck Nelson, associate professor in the Michigan State UniversityDepartment of Community Sustainability, and Scott Allman, Clearwater Media Partners video producer formerly of MSU Agriculture and Natural Resources Communications, created the video “Greening Mid-Michigan: A Vision for Green Infrastructure.” The two collaborated in the past on five other videos, including “Restoring Wetlands,” which received a Michigan Emmy. (See my June 17, 2010, Spotlight article.)

The documentary was shown on WKAR and other stations across Michigan for multiple showings grouped around Earth Day 2014. Funding was provided through MSU Extension and the Tri-County Regional Planning Commission using a grant from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development Office of Sustainability.

The video reached tens of thousands of Michigan residents and visitors.

“It is an evergreen piece and will have years of good life,” said Dr. Nelson.

The film is available for viewing at It’s divided into four segments: “Mid-Michigan Farms and Markets: Healthy and Local” highlights the importance of sustainable farming practices. “Protecting Mid-Michigan’s Waterways” highlights rain gardens, rain barrels and other strategies that can be used by everyone to cleanse rainwater run-off of local pollutants before it reaches our waterways. “Get Active in Mid-Michigan” highlights Mid-Michigan’s parks, rivers and trails, and “Jewels of Mid-Michigan: Our County Parks” highlights how three of our larger successful county parks were created from industrial sites.

The film had great visibility and reach. Thanks for your leadership, Chuck!

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