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It used to be that if you wanted to learn something new, you had to sign up for a class and pay for it, purchase your textbook, wait till the class began, and then find some way to get yourself to the class. Today, we can access education with the click of the mouse. And in some cases, it’s absolutely free. That’s the case with elevateU, a professional development tool that enables Michigan State University faculty and staff to access courses, simulations, videos, books and more.

 Although elevateU offers plenty of courses geared toward IT and desktop skills, it’s not just a place to find out how to create a cool graph in Excel. Through elevateU, you can access thousands of books and reports. You can create your own customized development plan and receive continuing education credits for professional certifications. You can network using the built-in social media tool InGenius. The Business Impact section contains high impact videos and simulations that dramatize many common business problems and offers solutions. The Challenge series focuses on problem solving and analysis and includes gaming and simulation techniques. The Leadership Development Channel has more than 2,000 video-based programs.

 Some of the many topics covered include customer service, communications and personal development. There are resources on negotiating, listening, dealing with conflict, and building and maintaining trust. But that’s just a small part of the many topics included.

 You can access elevateU through the employee self-service tab of the EBS portal. Look Under “Professional Development” then “Training Opportunities.” Click on “elevateU.”

 View this 45-minute Adobe Connect presentation given by Christy Turner, MSU Human Resources senior learning and development specialist. She gives an excellent overview of elevateU and shows you how to navigate the system.

 This 6-minute video gives a quick summary of elevateU.

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