Moving forward

by Steve Lovejoy, Michigan State University Extension associate director

Over the past few years, Michigan State University Extension has stressed three things: specialization, accountability and marketing.


As the information needs of our clientele become more specific, each of us needs to be more specialized to adequately meet those needs as well as answer their questions and concerns. Our success is reflected by the improved relations with stakeholders.

Accountability – organizationally and individually:

We have made great strides in being deliberate about our plans of work and measuring the impacts of our programs on the residents of Michigan. These efforts are reflected, in part, by the strong support from the Legislature and county boards.


The statistics on the growth of visits to our website are truly amazing. They are the direct consequence of the content that all staff write on a regular basis. This builds support for MSU Extension and greater knowledge about what we can contribute.

Each of us, as educators, specialists, and faculty, has a responsibility to:

  • Develop our individual area of expertise.
  • Assist in developing the plan of work (POW) for our work group; that is how we better ensure that ALL of the stakeholder needs in areas of our expertise are addressed.
  • Assist in work group activities, including evaluation.
  • Develop our own individual plan of work that is encompassed within the work group POW.
  • Report those activities and impacts so that our funders will enable us to continue to assist individuals, families, businesses and communities in Michigan.

Keep up the great work. While Tom and I will not be here to guide you, remember MSUE is an organization made up of more than 500 staff members that are increasingly nimble and resilient.

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