Bringing health to social media

As part of an initiative to reach out to a larger audience, the Michigan State University Extension Health and Nutrition Institute has enlisted the help of Julia Terhune, MSU Extension educational media coordinator, to establish a presence for the institute on social media. Julia and the team have created a Facebook page, Twitter handle, Pinterest account and more with the title “MI Health Matters.” They have been working tirelessly to reach the public with a steady stream of new information and content.

One of the projects that Julia has been working on to reach the public is a monthly podcast. The first episode, about nine minutes long, was posted on their Facebook page at the end of September.

The podcast talks about the Women, Infants and Children (WIC) Project Fresh Program, and features Teressa Young, MSU Extension nutrition program instructor in Saginaw County, as well as James DeWise, mid-Michigan farmer. The Project Fresh Program provides vouchers to recipients of the WIC program, which allow them to purchase fresh Michigan-grown produce at local farmers markets. This is helpful both to the recipients, who have more fresh options with these vouchers, as well as to the local farmers who receive new business because of this program.

Listen to the whole podcast to learn more:

Great job, Julia!

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