Awarding the efforts of friends and employees

During this year’s Fall Extension Conference, we presented the annual Michigan State University Extension and Key Partner Awards at the 2014 Extension Awards Banquet. We present these awards yearly to highlight some of the great contributions that you, your colleagues and your partners have produced to support MSU Extension and the state as a whole.

After we spent a whole day at Fall Extension Conference brainstorming how to reach our clients more effectively and improve our culture, it was particularly inspiring to reflect on some of the amazing work that you all have already done to collaborate with your colleagues and serve Michigan in new and exciting ways.

It was also very exciting to have Gordon Guyer, former MSU Extension director, at the dinner. He presented the Gordon Guyer Cross-Institute Team Award to the Michigan Fresh Team, keeping true to his legacy of encouraging collaboration to meet the needs of our constituents.

For additional information about the recipients of these awards, take a look at the 2014 Extension Awards Banquet Program. Please join me in congratulating them!

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