Talking about the “Home” Team!

It warmed my heart to hear how often during our listening sessions or in the surveys staff brought up their local offices and that we should not forget about the importance of the local staff team as an important professional unit in Michigan State University Extension. I agree! While we have moved in the direction of program delivery on a statewide basis, we all have to have a place to hang our hats and a place to call our “home office.” If we don’t, we miss out on a certain collegial richness and synergy that comes from interacting with folks that are working under the same mission statement and also bleed green!

Some lament that we no longer have county Extension directors to call those meetings or organize the agenda. You don’t have to wait for a district coordinator to do it. It only takes a few minutes for one person on the local team to send an email out saying, “Let’s set a date to meet, add your agenda items to the list and the coffee pot will be on.” Once you find a good set of dates, hang on to them. Maybe not everyone can make it every time, but those who do will find the benefit in meeting.

Talk about what you like about your home team and what can be improved ‒ sound familiar? And whatever you do plan a little fun on that agenda to laugh and enjoy each other’s company – after all this is your Home Team!

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