Will you be bringing home a Christmas tree? Check this out!

It’s that time of year again! It’s officially December and that means that most of you have either already purchased a tree for the holidays or you are planning to do so in the next few weeks. Wherever you are in the tree-buying game, you might be wise to check out the multiple resources created by Michigan State University Extension on the topics of how to choose, care for and dispose of Christmas trees successfully.

A great place to start would be “Choosing the Right Christmas Tree” by Bert Cregg and Jill O’Donnell. If you aren’t sure what type of tree to get, they’ve put together a comprehensive guide about what types of Christmas trees are available in Michigan, as well as different tips on how to care for them.

Other helpful and timely MSU Extension articles by the duo include “Water Is the Essential Ingredient in Keeping Your Farm-Grown Christmas Tree Fresh” and “Living Christmas Trees: Another Real Tree Option.”

Also, if you want to learn about Christmas tree care in just a few seconds, they’ve worked with Agriculture and Natural Resources Communications to put together a collection of videos explaining it in the following playlist:

(Check out the rest of the playlist here)

In addition, visit the Michigan Christmas Tree Association website for information on where to buy trees as well as other helpful tips.

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