The Christmas tree season is all year long

Since the holiday season is over, it may be easy to put the idea of Christmas trees behind you. However, our Michigan State University Extension specialists and educators are working with Christmas tree producers year-round to ensure that their trees are ready to sit in our living rooms at the end of the year. This was clearly highlighted in this quarter’s Great Lakes Christmas Tree Journal, published by the Michigan Christmas Tree Association in January 2015, in which MSU Extension specialists and educators demonstrated their expertise on almost every page.

Of the columns that were featured, the authors from MSU Extension included Extension educator Christina Curell and senior Extension educator Jill O’Donnell as well as Extension specialists Bert Cregg and Pascal Nzokou.

The content that is published in the Great Lakes Christmas Tree Journal is received by four regions: Ontario, Illinois, Indiana and Michigan. I’m very proud to see the amount of scholastic effort that was put into this publication by our staff members, and how active they are in sharing the resources of Michigan State University. Keep up the great work!

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