NACDEP will honor MSU Extension for team diversity

Our Michigan State University Extension Tribal Governance Team will receive a Team Diversity Award from the National Association of Community Development Extension Professionals (NACDEP) next week at its annual conference Little Rock, Arkansas. The Team Diversity Award highlights the unique programming that the team has instituted in partnership with local tribal nations, particularly the focus on tribal communities, which are often overlooked. The three programs of Michigan Tribal Governance build partnerships with leaders of tribal nations, equipping them to provide culturally appropriate, high-quality governance.

Our Government and Public Policy Team educates local governments across the state of Michigan to ensure that our elected officials are equipped with the resources they need to serve their communities. The Tribal Governance programs act similarly, building strong capacity within the Michigan Tribal Communities, while also keeping in mind the specific considerations that affect tribal communities. Evaluation results show significant learning has occurred.

The members of the MSU Extension Tribal Governance Team included on the award were John Amrhein, Elaine Bush, Ann Chastain, Brad Neumann, Emily Proctor and Bethany Prykucki.

“All along we’ve known that we had a good program, and that the folks that participated in it thought it was a great program,” said John. “It was great to hear that someone else, someone who is used to looking at Extension programs at a national level, and recognizing that it is a program that helps people do good things for themselves and each other. That’s really the key. If we can help equip people to do their work better, particularly an underserved audience like tribal leadership, that’s pretty satisfying work.”

Congratulations, team!

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