Spotlight is changing!

After this week’s edition, the Michigan State University Extension Spotlight will be sent out monthly, instead of weekly, on the third Thursday of every month. Since I’ve started my role as interim director of MSU Extension, I have evaluated which methods of communication work best with our needs. After a lot of thought, I believe that alternating between our monthly webinar on the first Monday of every month and now moving the Spotlight to the third Thursday of every month will give you the most relevant information available without overloading your schedules or inboxes on the off weeks.

Spotlight is a very important communications tool between the administrative team and the field. For years, the director’s blog has been sent out weekly to highlight announcements, accomplishments and the work that you all do in MSU Extension and the associated partnerships that go along with that work. I value the Spotlight as an opportunity to reach you all on a regular basis – to keep all of you up to date on your colleagues’ work, even if you don’t interact with them regularly.

However, in the spirit of brevity and relevance, we are going to send out Spotlight once a month, and send more timely updates only as necessary in between.

Look out for my next Spotlight in August!

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