Statewide MSU Extension and ABR Issue ID survey deadline extended

As of today, approximately two-thirds of the district focus group sessions identifying community needs and issues have taken place. Participation has been high and the preliminary feedback has been very positive. There are a few focus groups still scheduled for November, but most of the remaining sessions will take place in January.

Back in August, we asked assistance from all Michigan State University Extension staff to help promote our online Issue Identification (Issue ID) Survey, which we launched in September. As you know, the survey is designed to collect input from Michigan residents 18 years and older. Like the information collected through the district focus group sessions, this input will be used to shape future MSU Extension educational programming and MSU AgBioResearch research.

Earlier this month, we released multiple language versions of the survey. It is now currently available online not only in English but also in Spanish. In addition, it’s available in hard-copy form in English, Spanish and Arabic. Originally, the survey deadline was set at Nov. 15; however, we’ve decided to extend that deadline to Jan. 31, 2016, in part, to promote the multiple language versions but also to increase input from others throughout the state as well, making sure we collect data from a broad audience.

We know you’ve done your part, because responses from the survey are continuing to come in. However, we ask that you continue to promote the survey. Some ideas to further promote the survey follow:


  • Share on Listservs: Share information about the survey with Listservs and include it in your communication. Include the link to this MSU Extension article about the survey.
  • Share with partners and friends: Identify organizations that can help MSU Extension reach target audiences who might not already be receiving information from MSU Extension. Often, partner organizations and friends are happy to help push the survey to their contacts.
  • Share the link directly to the survey when appropriate:
  • Share through your email: Add this sentence to your Outlook signature and embed the link: Take the MSU Extension and AgBioResearch Survey to Sharpen Our Focus.
  • Share through social media: Look for messages you can share on the MSU Extension Facebook and Twitter Also, please encourage partner organizations to use their social media accounts to help spread the word about the survey.
  • Share with media contacts: While Agriculture and Natural Resources Communications is pushing out information about the survey to print, digital, radio and television media, you are encouraged to share with any personal media contacts. That extra push may result in more media placements.
  • Share the Issue ID handout provided on SharePoint: You can find it located in the Survey Promotional Materials folder by going to MSUE All Staff ‒ FEC Action Teams ‒ Issues Identification Team ‒ Survey Promotional Materials.

We’ll all look forward to seeing the results of our efforts!

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