Where does 4-H grow leaders? Right here in Michigan

At the 4-H Day at the Breslin event, we launched the new awareness and recruitment campaign for 4-H in Michigan: 4-H Grows Here. I am excited about this new campaign and wanted to share with you a little bit about it and let you know how important it is.

Our Michigan 4-H campaign matches the national campaign launched in 2015 by the National 4-H Council, which illustrates all the positive development skills it fosters in its youth – creativity, courage, teamwork, determination, confidence and more. With a nod to its agricultural roots, the 4-H Grows Here brand also celebrates all the unique and diverse ways 4-H programming has expanded in the past 100 years. If you have a few minutes, watch this great video below that showcases 4-H history and future focus.

4-H Brand Essence video

Michigan is one of a handful of key partners selected by the National 4-H Council to help with the roll-out of the campaign, and we are excited to bring it to life in our state. That we were chosen to help with the roll-out is something to be proud of, and just another reminder of the national prestige that our MSU Extension 4-H staff, volunteers and participants have worked for and achieved.

Although the campaign will be used to showcase a number of life skills and traits, Michigan 4-H will join the national movement in 2016 to highlight a key asset 4-H helps to grow: true leaders. In addition to being the theme for the 4-H Day at the Breslin event, 4-H Grows True Leaders will also be the theme of the 2016 4-H Exploration Days. Michigan 4-H will be working throughout the year to highlight the many true leaders in our own state that were grown through 4-H.

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