Clarksville Research Center hosts field day

On Wednesday, June 22, the Michigan State University Clarksville Research Center hosted a field day to showcase its tree fruit research programs and cutting-edge research.

Around 170 people attended, viewing presentations on cherry breeding, high-density apple and stone fruit production, Solid Set Canopy Delivery Systems and orchard platform demonstrations. They also visited the orchard equipment show as well.

Don Lehman, District 8 coordinator, was impressed by the research as well as the companies that participated.

“It was especially interesting to see the several companies that displayed platforms that are used for tree pruning and harvesting,” Don said. “The new systems produce higher quality fruit and reduced labor costs.”

The Clarksville Research Center hosts research on small fruits and tree fruits as well as potatoes, chestnuts and a variety of other crops. Research at the 440-acre site includes variety development, fruit thinning and growth regulators, dwarf rootstocks for fruit trees, integrated pest management, organic production systems and new pruning practices to help make production more profitable, efficient and environmentally friendly.

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