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CANR Extension specialist and professor receives outstanding faculty award

Mary Hausbeck, professor and Extension specialist in the Department of Plant, Soil and Microbial Sciences, was one of 10 faculty members who received William J. Beal Outstanding Faculty awards at the February 11 Founders Day and Awards Convocation in the Pasant Theatre in the Wharton Center following President Lou Anna K. Simon’s State of the University Address. Dr. Hausbeck is a plant pathologist who studies a variety of diseases and focuses on those that threaten Michigan’s vegetable and floricultural crops. There’s not a vegetable grower in Michigan who doesn’t know Dr. Hausbeck or benefit from her work. On top of managing a very productive research enterprise at MSU, she is noted for going to farms to better understand the field conditions that might affect the onset or progress of a plant disease outbreak.

Two other professors from the Michigan State University College of Agriculture and Natural Resources received the Outstanding Faculty award as well: Dave Douches, professor in the Department of Plant, Soil and Microbial Sciences, and Rick Horan, professor in the Department of Agricultural, Food, And Resource Economics. Although Dr. Douches and Dr. Horan do not have Extension appointments, they make their expertise available to Extension professionals and stakeholders unselfishly. Dr. Douches is a potato breeder and Dr. Horan studies factors that influence public policy related to environmental and natural resource issues.

Read more about each awardee in this MSU Today article: http://msutoday.msu.edu/news/2014/2014-william-j-beal-outstanding-faculty-awards/

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Food and Ag pulling Michigan’s economy forward

You’ve probably already seen the announcements, but just to make sure you got the message, I wanted to share some really good news that was formally announced yesterday. Dr. Chris Peterson, Homer Nowlin Chair of Consumer Responsive Agriculture, director of the MSU Product Center Food-Ag-Bio, and professor in the Department of Agricultural, Food and Resource Economics, presented the latest assessment of food and ag economic impacts to the Michigan Commission of Agriculture and Rural Development. The big news was really big: the total economic impact of food and agriculture has grown by nearly 50 percent to $91.4 billion from 2004 to 2010, and the contribution of farm production toward that has nearly doubled from less than $7 billion to more than $13 billion. A lot of value gets added along the supply chain, but seeing a doubling in farm production is very impressive. When you start separating out the parts, it’s interesting to see the role each commodity plays and each processing sector plays. The food processing and manufacturing segment accounts for $24.5 billion and the wholesale and retail sector is very important, accounting for $51 billion of total economic impact.

 You can find a complete news story on this at the ANR Communications web site and the complete report at http://www.productcenter.msu.edu/.

 ANR Communications partners with their communication colleagues at MSU University Relations and the Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development to get the news out. Here’s a sample of the coverage the announcement received.

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