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New features added to Events Management System

The next time you log in to the Agriculture and Natural Resources (ANR) Events Management System, you’re likely to notice several changes and exciting new features. Staff members in ANR Event Services and ANR Technology Services have been hard at work developing and adding new features to increase the functionality and capabilities of the system.

The most noticeable change is the creation of a new dashboard. When you log in to the events management system, you will see your event listing. From this event listing, your event title will direct you to the dashboard. This new dashboard provides a summary of your event as well as access to all the necessary links for managing and running your event in one easy-to-find place.

In addition, the events management system now has quotas. You have the ability to set minimum and maximum attendance numbers on the entire event, on a registration process or on a registration input. This new functionality includes a waitlist component so once you reach your quota, your participants will be able to be placed on a waitlist for a possible opening. Visit the “Events Planning Resources” section of the ANR Communications website to watch a pre-recorded training session and learn how to set up quotas on your event.

The counts report also has expanded field options to make it more robust. These customizable reports can now include cost and financial information, such as the registration cost, balance due, amount paid, credits and late fees. In addition, you can now add the notes field on a counts report.

The team is also hard at work developing the duplicate event feature and it should be released before the first of the year.

If you have any questions regarding the system and these new features, or if you want to know how to implement them for your next event, please contact ANR Event Services at events@anr.msu.edu or 517-353-3175.

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Events management hits $1 million mark

Robert (Bob) Kriegel, systems analyst in Agriculture and Natural Resources (ANR) Technology Services, has been busy. At the request of Dr. Suzanne Lang, College of Agriculture and Natural Resources (CANR) associate dean of faculty and administrative affairs, he’s preparing a PowerPoint presentation on the ANR Events Management System and future directions. He shared with me a couple of the metrics he gathered during his analysis for that presentation, and I will share some of that with you now.

As you may have guessed, results of his analysis clearly illustrate the seasonality of Michigan State University Extension event-based programming, with both registrations and revenue peaking in mid- to late winter. You may not be aware though that over the last business quarter, gross monthly revenue is growing at a year-to-year rate of 2 to 3.8 times, so system usage is expanding at a rapid pace.

The events management system has been up and running since March 2012. Nearly 500 events have been created in the system, and more than 300 staff members have accounts in the system. This includes events and staff in MSU Extension, the CANR and AgBioResearch. I’m happy to report that Bob’s analysis shows that on Oct. 11, the events management system passed the $1 million mark for gross revenue, reached in less than 20 months.

Thanks, Bob, for sharing the data, and to the whole team (both ANR Technology Services and ANR Events Management Services) for making this a reality! Thanks also to the faculty and staff members in MSU Extension, the CANR and AgBioResearch who are using the system to manage their events!

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Let the ANR Events Management Team help you learn and manage the Events Management System

This year as they do every year, many of our Michigan State University Extension staff members are busy planning and giving workshops and other events on topics that range from money management to smart gardening. The Agriculture and Natural Resources (ANR) Events Management System, which went live in March 2012, provides a sophisticated method for managing events online. The ANR Events Management Team offers 90-minute training sessions to help you learn and further explore the system. The trainings meet all levels of participation from beginner to intermediate to advanced.

The introductory courses give participants the opportunity to practice in a test system to get hands-on experience before working in the live system. The team offers two ANR Events Management 101 courses: one meets the needs of non-4-H staff members and the other meets the needs of 4-H county staff and coordinators.

For 4-H staff, only those counties that have submitted the staff names of those managing the participants in their counties and have created an events profile in the ANR Events Management System can participate. To discover what you’ll learn and to register for one of the two dates for 4-H ANR Events Management 101 available, click on the date: September 26 and December 18.

Non-4-H staff members, to discover what you’ll learn and to register for one of the three dates for ANR Events Management 101 available, click on the date: October 3, November 6 and December 9.

ANR Events Management 102 will teach you to manage your registration once you build it. To find out what else you’ll learn and to register for one of the three dates for ANR Events Management 102 available, click on the date: October 8, November 12 and December 11.

Learn the value of templates at ANR Events Management 103. To find out what else you’ll learn and to register for one of the three dates for ANR Events Management 103 available, click on the date: October 7, November 14 and December 17.

Decide which session meets your needs and register today.

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MSUE Events Management System is working

Michigan State University Extension took on an initiative several years ago to develop an events management information system that would make it possible for someone to organize and manage a workshop, field day, training or other educational event in a way that economizes on staff time. We wanted something that was adaptable to the variety of programs we offer and that would allow participants to register online and pay their registration fee online if they desired. We wanted something that would mesh well with our financial system so that revenue would be allocated to the correct MSU account and expenses would be paid directly by MSU using funds in the designated account.

Colleagues in ANR Technology Services, particularly Bob Kriegel and Jim Brija, and in ANR Communications, particularly Megghan Honke, Betsy Braid and Katie Gallagher, have led the process of designing and implementing this system. The system went “live” in March 2012. In order to meet that target date, we agreed to start with a simplified system and then add functions and specialized applications as we gained experience with the system. I am pleased to report that, although the system is still being refined and further developed, and although challenges still need to be overcome, the system is working and MSUE staff are adopting it with greater frequency as their solution for helping to manage the business side of our educational program events.

From the beginning of April 2012 to Jan. 15, 2013, we had 117 events entered into the system. We served 3,589 participants in programs who registered in the system. And what’s particularly encouraging is that as we’ve attempted to balance the tension between statewide program priorities and more centralized support services with local program delivery, I see some sign that we’re managing that balance well. From these 117 events, we had people from every one of Michigan’s 83 counties enroll in the system. That even includes Schoolcraft County, where we currently do not have a partnership with the county nor an office nor staff in the county.

We have more improvements to make in the system, and as demand increases, we’re working to expand our staff dedicated to events management so it works as smoothly and efficiently as possible. If you’ve used the system already, I hope you’ve let folks know about your experience. If you had challenges, please let the staff in ANR Communications know so they can address those in the system. If you’ve found it to be helpful, please let your colleagues know. The more we use this, the more we can make it relevant and efficient for all of our events management needs. Thanks to those who have helped to make this a reality and to those who have been pioneers in using the system. We CAN make the best better, and we’ll continue to work on this system with the 4-H motto as our driving principle.

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ANR Events Management System goes live

It is with great pleasure that I can announce this week that the new Agriculture and Natural Resources (ANR) Events Management System is now live! After months of hard work by ANR Technology Services and ANR Events Services, the new system has come to fruition, and it’s ready for your use. We are also excited to announce that there are already four programs in the system and ready for use, thanks to Terry Gibbs, John Partridge, Natalie Rector and Diane Smith.

 The ANR Events Management system is available online at events.anr.msu.edu. The initial version has a full array of features, and we plan to offer even broader service applications to the software as we continue in the months ahead.

 In order to access the system, you will be required to log in using your ANR ID and password. If you have not already participated in one of the event management training webinars, I encourage you to attend one. It will provide you with an overview of the system and allow you to learn how easy it is to set up your events. View dates and times for upcoming trainings on the Michigan State University Extension Professional Development website.

 I just want to take a moment to thank Bob Kriegel, Jim Brija, Megghan Honke and Betsy Braid for their initiative and dedication in designing and building this system.

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