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Joining 4-H and Alumni at the MSU Women’s Basketball Game

More than 4,500 4-H youth, their families, and Michigan State University (MSU) Extension staff members and their families attended the MSU Women’s Basketball game Jan. 22.

For the first time, Michigan 4-H alumni and the Michigan 4-H Foundation also hosted an event for 4-H alumni. More than 60 people from across the state attended the event and enjoyed food, coloring for kids, games, a Spartan Selfie Station, a visit from Sparty and general networking. We hope this is the first of many successful alumni events.

At halftime, 4-H’ers from Ingham, Macomb, Oakland and Saginaw counties made their way to the court. They were joined by Patrick Cudney, associate director of MSU Extension, and Julie Chapin, Children and Youth Institute director, as they proudly led the 4-H pledge:

I pledge my head to clearer thinking,
my heart to greater loyalty,
my hands to larger service,
and my health to better living,
for my club, my community, my country and my world.

Youth stand on the court with Julie Chapin and Patrick Cudney and lead the pledge.

Youth from Ingham, Macomb, Oakland and Saginaw counties lead the 4-H pledge with Julie Chapin and Patrick Cudney.

Thank you to everyone who came together to make the alumni event and the 4-H Day at the Breslin so successful!

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Celebrating Michigan 4-H at the MSU basketball game

This weekend, my wife, Nancy, and I had the pleasure of attending the Michigan State University (MSU) Extension 4-H Day at the Breslin to cheer on our Lady Spartans as they faced the Iowa Hawkeyes. Our staff members, volunteers and our 4-H families added 5,307 members to the crowd.

4-H youth and their families, 4-H volunteers and MSU Extension staff members are celebrated at this annual event, which recognizes the impact of 4-H programs throughout Michigan. This year, this event was the launch of the 4-H Grows Here campaign in Michigan. For more information on this campaign, please read my blog post devoted to 4-H Grows Here in Michigan.

Picture of scoreboard with visual representation of the 4-H Grows Here campaign.

We launched our 4-H Grows Here campaign at the game. Photo credit: ANR Communications.

During half time, I joined our 4-H youth at center court to lead the crowd in reciting the 4-H pledge. It was a humbling experience to be invited to join tomorrow’s leaders.

Picture of Ingham County 4-H and Jeff Dwyer at the center of the court during half time to lead the 4-H pledge.

I joined Ingham County 4-H at the center of the court during half time to lead the 4-H pledge. Photo credit: ANR Communications.


4-H displays filled the center concourse and proudly illustrated our programs to 4-H members and other guests. 4-H staff greeted guests and provided information on the many programs that 4-H has to offer on topics including livestock and marketing, international exchanges, natural resources, life skills, early childhood development, robotics and technology.

Photo of interactive booth with two 4-H staff members guiding youth and parents in a fun activity.

Adults and children alike were able to participate in fun activities in the concourse and learn more about 4-H. Photo credit: ANR Communications.

A group of sisters spin the wheel during a 4-H booth activity.

Wheel of 4-H fortune anyone? Photo credit: ANR Communications.

Jeff Dwyer and Julie Chapin with the 4-H Ingham County group with the 4-H flag and US flag.

The courageous Ingham County 4-H group that was kind enough to let me join them for the pledge at half time. What a great group! Photo credit: ANR Communications.

I would like to thank all the 4-H youth, Extension staff and families for coming out to the game and celebrating MSU Extension 4-H.

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Day at the Breslin celebrates 4-H

This year’s 4-H Day With the Lady Spartans event was a huge success. On Dec. 5, approximately 4,600 Michigan 4-H’ers and their families from 49 counties packed the Breslin Center helping the Michigan State University Lady Spartans to draw the third-largest crowd in program history with 13,375. The Spartans did not disappoint. MSU’s women’s basketball team beat 17th-ranked Texas 71-57.

4-H’ers from Crawford County led the crowd in reciting the 4-H pledge. Displays set up in the concourse celebrated 4-H in areas such as mentoring; science, engineering and technology; and environmental education, among others. The event was one of the first in the country to launch the new national 4-H campaign, “Revolution of Responsibility.” Posters, tattoos and buttons promoted this movement for positive change.


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MSU Extension staff share resources at Sandbox Party Convention

Sheilah Hebert

Sheilah Hebert shares information at the Sandbox Party Convention.

Approximately 6,000 early childhood advocates that included families, candidates and policymakers packed Michigan State University’s Breslin Center Aug. 26 for an exciting, noisy, event-filled day of celebration and education – the Sandbox Party Convention. Children’s advocates across the state have joined forces to create the Sandbox Party, a nonpartisan, nonpolitical organization that wants candidates to focus on a child’s first 1,000 days of life, the period most vital to development and future success.

Michigan’s youngest citizens and their families are the surest road to an economically vibrant Michigan. Providing knowledge about community resources, programs and educational opportunities paves this road. MSU Extension Breastfeeding Initiative and 4-H Cloverbud Program staff members were at the event engaging, sharing resources, and educating delegates and their young children. Sheilah Hebert, associate program leader, and Sheila Urban Smith, program leader, represented MSU Extension at the convention.

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