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Extension will wow participants at Ag Expo with new information and experiences in CANR Tent

Michigan State University Extension looks forward to having a big presence at the 33rd Ag Expo this year. The event runs July 17–19 at the corner of Mt. Hope and Farm Lane on the MSU campus.

Faculty, educators and specialists will be on site, offering educational sessions and demonstrations. The College of Agriculture and Natural Resources (CANR) Tent will brim with educational exhibits and demonstrations from the Master Gardener Volunteer Program, Firewise, the Farm Information Resources Management Team, AgrAbility, 4-H Youth Development, the Health and Nutrition Institute and others.

Master Gardener staff members and volunteers will present gardening sessions: Gretchen Voyle on tomato diseases, Hal Hudson on drip irrigation and Jarred Morris on cucurbit downy mildew.

Breakfast on the Farm, led by Extension educators Mary Dunckel and Nancy Thelen, will present a large walk-through experience showcasing what Extension is doing to educate consumers about modern food production.

Joyce McGarry, Extension educator, will present food preservation tips.

James Whaley, a Bryon 4-H’er and entrepreneur, will educate visitors about raising poultry.

And to answer any other visitors’ questions, Extension experts will staff the “Ask an Expert” booth.

Don’t leave the Expo without your free MSU Dairy Store ice cream. Donations for the ice cream go to the CANR Alumni Scholarship Fund.

Ag Expo, Michigan’s largest outdoor farm show, gives us another opportunity to reach out to Michigan residents.

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Get some Final Four Fudge Dribble today!

Those of you who are not on campus are just going to think I’m teasing you, but this is definitely information worth sharing. The MSU Dairy Store pumped up the volume this week and made extra Final Four Fudge Dribble in honor of the MSU men’s basketball team. If you’re on campus, be sure to swing by the Dairy Store—they’ll have plenty in the Union as well as the original Dairy Store in Anthony Hall.

And for those of you out in the counties, if you don’t have a meeting on campus in the next few days, plan one! This stuff is too good to miss – it features two of Michigan’s key agricultural products: cream and fudge (a value-added dairy product in itself)!

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Good Choices

Choices, the conference that celebrates food, health and collaborations, was one of the biggest hits during ANR Week. It brought together more than 350 nutritionists, nurses, educators and others who spent two jam-packed days learning about food and nutrition as they relate to healthy living. The wide-range of guest speakers talked about everything from school breakfast programs to food safety to cooking tips for a busy family. And though the speakers were tremendous, I’m told the best part of the conference was participants’ ability to network with other like-minded people about ways to help people make good choices when it comes to food.

And if you walked through the halls of the Kellogg Center at any point during the conference you were sure to hear people talking about food—specifically the conference meals. It only makes sense that a conference focused on health and nutrition would have good food, but this conference had GREAT food—Michigan chestnut soup, Michigan peach pie, pecan-crusted Michigan whitefish with goat cheese risotto and MSU Dairy Store ice cream (do you sense a theme here?). I confess that I made a point of connecting with conference participants at a meal—I enjoyed the conversations AND the food.

Many thanks to the numerous people who worked to put this conference together, including Paul McConaughy, Melissa Lonsberry, Megghan Honke, Michelle Lavra, Tammy Sullivan, Becky Henne and Barbara Mutch.

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