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eXtension announces new CEO from Michigan State University

Christine Geith is currently the assistant provost and executive director of MSU Global at Michigan State University, which assists faculty in creating, facilitating and implementing impactful projects that lead to new research and funding opportunities and that enhance the reputation of the university community. However, she will be taking on a new role as CEO of eXtension as of July 1. Not only is it exciting that MSU is going to be present on a national level, but also Christine’s experience aligns well with our goals for improving partnerships both locally and nationally.

“I believe the time is now for eXtension to form even deeper partnerships with Cooperative Extension directors and administrators, and with a variety of organizations, to enhance the Cooperative Extension mission and accelerate its local impact. The new eXtension Foundation is well positioned to lead an expanded vision and enable the adoption of new ways of serving local communities for Cooperative Extension nationwide,” said Christine, in the eXtension press release announcing her new role.

Her experience in new technology, particularly distance education, will also benefit eXtension, helping it adapt to the changing environment of online education and the difficulties associated with keeping up with those changes. This will help eXtension find new ways to improve digital strategy. I hope that our staff members will continue to find new ways to partner with eXtension as that strategy develops.

Congratulations, Christine! We’re excited to work with you!

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eXtension selected for Google for Nonprofits program

The single nationwide Web presence for Cooperative Extension, eXtension, is another way U.S. land-grant universities provide objective and research-based information and learning opportunities that help people improve their lives.

Since the time our Michigan State University Extension eXtension Institutional Team (I-Team) was formed in Oct. 2009, we’ve made a lot of progress in the increased use and adoption of this Internet-based educational network by MSU Extension staff members and faculty. I’ve reported on that progress and even awards the I-Team has won for outstanding work with eXtension. Educators, specialists and faculty are answering questions on Ask An Expert, leading and participating in Communities of Practice (CoPs) and offering many professional webinars nationally through eXtension.

Recently, eXtension gained additional resources to further strengthen the interactive learning environment as our national “front door.” The eXtension Foundation, which exists to support the work of the national eXtension Initiative, has been selected to participate in the Google for Nonprofits program. Participating in the program gives eXtension access to a free or discounted version of Google Apps (applications). Through the Google grants program, eXtension will get free Adwords advertising and appear as an advertiser on Google search results pages, and have premium branding and increased uploads on YouTube as well as access to other applications. These products and resources will allow us to reach more potential donors or partners, raise awareness and improve business operations. Read about it here.

 The initial CoPs involved in the Google grants program will be DAIReXNET; Families, Food and Fitness; and Just in Time Parenting. Other CoPs will be included as knowledge and experience in participating in the nonprofits program is gained.

 Read more about the Google for Nonprofits Program: http://www.google.com/nonprofits/.

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