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4-H’er realizes dream of giving back

In a recent Spotlight article, I told you about Mattea Antrup, a 10-year-old 4-H’er who sold her hog, which she raised through the 4-H program, to donate money to the Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital. Mattea felt compelled to step up with this act of generosity after an accident left her spending 7 weeks in a near full-body cast. Mattea was in and out of the Grand Rapids hospital often and during that time she noticed other young patients ‒ some who never left the hospital. Mattea decided that she would donate the money from one of two hogs she would sell at the Ottawa County Youth Fair. With this decision, Mattea joined the 4-H Revolution of Responsibility: a nationwide movement of young people making positive impacts in the community.

On Oct. 7, Mattea’s dream was realized when she gave DeVos Children’s Hospital a check for $6654.96. Her donation will go to patient families for gas cards to attend appointments, food vouchers, a burn patient scholarship camp, grants and other things to make the patients’ and families’ lives a little easier.

Katie Gervasi, editor in Agriculture and Natural Resources (ANR) Communications, wrote a Michigan 4-H Today story about Mattea and traveled out to the hospital to witness Mattea’s donation and take a few photos.

Katie heard from Dawnel Antrup, Mattea’s mom, who was grateful that Katie wrote the story about Mattea’s journey through a difficult situation.

Ms. Antrup said, “Thank you for recognizing her passion to give back to others that maybe are struggling more than her. You captured the story beautifully. The Antrup family is very appreciative of your hard work in capturing even the smallest details. Thanks Tons!”

Michelle Lavra, ANR Communications manager and Katie’s supervisor at the time said, “Katie did a great job on this story. Not only is it a nice example of the Revolution of Responsibility stories Katie and Mariah (Montenegro, ANR Communications technical writer) routinely write, it is also a nice example of the difference 4-H’ers like Mattea are making in their communities. And it’s certainly nice to get a great testimonial like the one Katie received from Mattea’s mom.”

As we discussed at Fall Extension Conference this week, we have some incredible stories to tell about the work we do. This is one of those stories. And it also illustrates how much our ANR Communications colleagues help us to tell those stories and to get them out to a broader audience. Thanks, Katie!

Read the story Katie wrote about Mattea here: http://4h.msue.msu.edu/today/4_h_pig_raises_more_than_6000_for_helen_devos_childrens_hospital
The story was picked up by the Associated Press (AP) and distributed across the country from North Carolina to Texas. Read the AP story here:


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Donor goes hog wild to help 4-H’er raise money for charity

$6,500 – that’s a lot of money for a hog. Ten-year-old Mattea Antrup received that approximate amount for her hog at the Ottawa County Youth Fair after raising it through the 4-H program.

In February 2012, Mattea had hip surgery spending 7 weeks in a near full-body cast. While at Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital, instead of focusing on herself, Mattea saw other kids, patients with problems of their own. Spurred by the memory, Mattea named her hog Helen DeVos and donated the money she received for Helen at the county fair to the hospital.

Mattea ended up getting $28 a pound for the hog. I asked Tom Guthrie, Michigan State University Extension pork and equine educator, about the going rate for hogs. Tom said that normally hogs sold at county youth fairs would go for $2 to $3 a pound.

The giving kept on going when the buyer donated the hog to LOVE INC, an organization that serves people in need.

To view a video featuring Mattea, go to Fox 17 and search for “Helping With a Hog.”

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