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Siblings continue 4-H tradition of entrepreneurship

I’ve got a great story in the tradition of Cuppa Jo Java ‒ you know, that coffee shop started and operated by 4-H’ers in Rapid River, Mich.

This story starts with the brother and sister team of Rachel and Derek Hartline of Tustin. Now, you might find that the norm is for teen siblings to not get along or at least to ignore each other, but these two have worked together successfully to open their own ice cream parlor they’ve named the Dairy Station.

The Hartlines used their 4-H experience in raising and selling animals and translated it into making and selling ice cream. Their time in 4-H helped them to become responsible and to learn how to manage money and time. And I’m sure having caring parents had a lot to do with their success.

Read this story about the young entrepreneurs by Mariah Montenegro, Agriculture and Natural Resources Communications technical writer: http://anrcom.msu.edu/anrcom/news/item/teens_start_a_new_tasty_business

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Get some Final Four Fudge Dribble today!

Those of you who are not on campus are just going to think I’m teasing you, but this is definitely information worth sharing. The MSU Dairy Store pumped up the volume this week and made extra Final Four Fudge Dribble in honor of the MSU men’s basketball team. If you’re on campus, be sure to swing by the Dairy Store—they’ll have plenty in the Union as well as the original Dairy Store in Anthony Hall.

And for those of you out in the counties, if you don’t have a meeting on campus in the next few days, plan one! This stuff is too good to miss – it features two of Michigan’s key agricultural products: cream and fudge (a value-added dairy product in itself)!

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