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Welcome to the new director of ANR Communications

Agriculture and Natural Resources Communications has a new director as of Dec. 10. Doug Brinklow comes to the role with more than 25 years of communications and marketing experience. He has held leadership roles at Dow Chemical with responsibilities in media, publications, brand strategy, product communications, advertising, marketing, video publications and social media. Recently, he was director of global marketing and communication and corporate advertising for Archer Daniels Midland (ADM) and communication advisor to the president of ADM’s global corn processing business.

Doug is coming home, so to speak, as he obtained his bachelor’s degree here at Michigan State University in agriculture and natural resources communications.

Doug is very excited about returning to his alma mater.

“I half expect the theme to ‘Welcome Back, Kotter’ to break out when I walk the halls of the Ag building. I have nothing but great memories about my time here and now I get a chance to help keep everything moving forward for the university, college, MSU Extension and AgBioResearch. How cool is that?” Doug said.

He’s looking forward to working with staff and merging his corporate experiences within the university framework.

Doug said, “The people I’ve met during the interview process are great. So I feel like I’m starting out with a fine team in place. I will really enjoy learning more about the differences and similarities between the corporate world and business side of the academic world. I know I will be able to bring a fresh creative perspective to our objectives here, and I’m ready to dig in and start climbing the new-job learning curve. I’m energized and ready to go.”

With the departure of former ANR Communications director Ruth Borger in November 2011, Kris Hynes, senior associate to the dean of the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources, generously took on the role of interim ANR Communications director. We appreciate Kris’ guidance and leadership during this past year.

As you may know, ANR Communications is now part of MSU Extension. I’ll be working closely with Doug in his role as we both work closely with CANR Dean Fred Poston and MSU AgBioResearch Director Steve Pueppke to get the word out to our stakeholders and the public about the difference our work makes in the lives of Michigan residents and communities.

Thank you, Kris, and welcome, Doug!

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Help us keep the new website’s soft launch from having a rough landing

If you listened to my April 2 webinar and read the email that went out immediately following its conclusion, you know that we’ve launched a temporary site for our new MSU Extension website.

 I know I sound like a broken record, but please DO NOT share this site with others or bookmark it. It’s just a temporary location for everyone to see and the URL will change to our standard msue.msu.edu when it is formally launched.

 My thanks to ANR Technology Services (who developed the framework) and ANR Communications (the folks who are populating the site). They’ve done a great job.

 But I want to stress again that the site would not be possible without the work of our educators and specialists who identified the more than 80 categories that make up the site’s structure. They provided category descriptions and identified programs and resources. They’ve been delivering volumes of new content to the site every month.

 You’ll notice that since this site is temporary, certain features (like the search feature) are not functioning yet. Not to worry. We intend to have the search feature up and running in the final product. When I say “final,” I don’t mean static. This will be a dynamic website. We’ll regularly add up-to-date information from knowledgeable sources – our educators and specialists – that will keep bringing people back to the site. I’m confident reliable content coupled with ease of use will make this site one that’s visited often.

 Please share your ideas and information for the site with ANR Communications by April 16. Let ANR Communications know if there are any broken links or inaccuracies (such as in county contact information) or if you have questions or suggestions about the information that the site contains.

 Please send changes and comments to your institute’s representative within ANR Communications:

 Agriculture and Agribusiness Institute: Beth Stuever
Children and Youth Institute: Michelle Lavra
Greening Michigan Institute: Sean Corp
Health and Nutrition Institute: Katie Alexander

 You may also submit feedback or changes to this ANR Communications department email address.

 The site will close from April 16 to 23 for final adjustments. It will go live April 24. I hope that you are as pleased as I am about the outcome of all the work and looking forward to the positive comments from the folks who visit.

 I want to call out once again our colleagues from ANR Tech services and ANR Communications who helped keep us moving along: Dennis Bond, Kim Maida, along with Director Erica Ciupak from ANR TS and Sean Corp, Katie Alexander, Kathy Raphael, Marian Reiter, Beth Stuever, Michelle Lavra, Steve Evans, Laura Probyn, Fran Adelaja, and Mindy Pratt (whose name I missed on Monday) from ANR Communications, along with former Director Ruth Borger and Interim Director Kris Hynes. Thanks to all of you for keeping us moving forward!

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Events management system to launch in new year

In my last posting of 2011, I listed a lot of broad groupings of individuals whose work this past year was extremely valuable to our progress. One of those broad groupings was the Organizational Development Team, and that team includes the interim director of ANR Communications Kris Hynes and ANR Technology Services director Erica Ciupak. I’d like to highlight some of the work that came out of those two operations last year and that we’re pleased to see launch early this year.

 As we anticipated reductions in support staff positions both on campus and off campus, we realized we would need to provide a more sophisticated system for managing events online by a wider array of staff and faculty. We have called upon our ANR Communications and ANR Technology Services to help develop just such a system. The new events management system will become available to all in late January. It will be a great online resource for planning your events, with features like tips and tricks from professional event planners, various templates, online registration and other resources. The initial version will have a full array of features, but we plan to add even broader service applications to the software as we learn from using it in the months ahead.

 Megghan Honke and Betsy Braid, who work in events management for ANR Communications, gave an in-depth overview of the new system, including all of its features, during the Dec. 19 webinar. I encourage anyone who wasn’t able to be a part of the webinar to listen to it. The new events management system will be a great asset for Michigan State University Extension in the new year and into the future.

 I wanted to thank those that helped create the system, including Megghan and Betsy, who brought a lot of great ideas to the table, and a special thanks to Jim Brija and Bob Kriegel with ANR Technology Services who did the painstaking work of building the site from the ground up and helped make those ideas a reality.

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ANR Communications director honored at reception

Dr. Ruth Hohl Borger was honored Nov. 16 at a reception in the Agriculture Hall Atrium on her last day as director of Agriculture and Natural Resources Communications. Ruth has accepted a position as assistant vice president at the University of Florida’s Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences. Dr. Borger led the department through restructuring during a time of financial uncertainty. She also took the lead on the development of a revamped Michigan State University Extension website and MSU Extension Bookstore, and launch of MSU Extension News. Kris Hynes, senior associate to the dean of the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources, will serve as interim director. Kris will continue in her current responsibilities while serving in this interim capacity.

Congratulations to Dr. Borger! We’ll miss her enthusiasm, optimism and drive to innovate under challenging conditions. Thanks, Ruth!

Dr. Ruth Hohl Borger was honored Nov. 16, 2011, at a reception in the MSU Agriculture Hall Atrium on her last day as director of Agriculture and Natural Resources Communications

Dr. Ruth Hohl Borger was honored Nov. 16, 2011, at a reception in the MSU Agriculture Hall Atrium on her last day as director of Agriculture and Natural Resources Communications. Photo by Katie Alexander.

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