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4-H program coordinator receives rabbit breeders award for service

Headshot of Glenda Weiss.Please join me in congratulating Michigan State University (MSU) Extension 4-H program coordinator Glenda Weiss who received the American Rabbit Breeders Association (ARBA) Distinguished Service Award Nov. 27. Glenda received the award because of her years of service and outstanding impact on rabbit and cavy programs as well as the industry.

Glenda has been a member of the ARBA for 20 years and has used many of her skills and abilities to serve. She has:

  • Served 13 years as the Michigan State Rabbit Breeders Youth Association adviser.
  • Served on the State 4-H Rabbit and Cavy Show committee, organizing the scholarship auction for over 10 years, where she raised more than $25,000.
  • Worked with more than 100 youth over 16 years to coach and train them to be ARBA judges and registrars.
  • Served 21 years as a club leader for Lapeer County’s Busy Beavers 4-H Club for which she was the founding leader.
  • Served as the Lapeer County fair’s rabbit superintendent for 19 years.

Josh Humphries, ARBA president, presented the award to Glenda at the Michigan State Rabbit Breeders Association fall show at the MSU Pavilion for Agriculture and Livestock Education. Glenda was delighted that joining him was David Moll, ARBA district director, who was a member of her judging and breed identification teams as a youth. Isn’t it so fulfilling when our work comes full circle?

I’ve only listed a few contributions that she has made – so make sure you congratulate Glenda and take a moment to hear about all the other ways she’s had an impact on youth and the rabbit industry.

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Former 4-H’er uses values and skills learned in 4-H to succeed in business, give back

Michigan State University Extension 4-H educators and 4-H volunteer club leaders often see the results of their efforts immediately as they work with kids. They see club members growing into responsible and caring youth, often putting their skills to work to lead others. Although their numbers abound, we may not be aware that successful adults around us are drawing on the values and skills they learned as youth in 4-H. Dave Kugler is one of those adults.

 Dave Kugler, owner and founder of Critter Catchers, Inc. in Ortonville, Mich., provides a much-needed service that we would rather not have the misfortune to need. His company specializes in ridding homes of unwanted creatures – the kind that you may hear scratching in the attic at night. The company’s team will trap groundhogs, squirrels, chipmunks, moles, skunks, raccoons, bats and opossums. And they strive to practice in a humane way.

 Dave credits Michigan 4-H Youth Development with his success as a business owner. He uses the skills in project management and leadership that he learned in the Bits-N-Spurs 4-H Club in Lapeer County. More importantly, he relies on the values that he incorporated into his lifestyle by being an active 4-H’er.

 Dave believes that the description of 4-H Revolution of Responsibility closely fits the mission of his company. The 4-H Revolution of Responsibility is a movement for positive change in every community in America. It’s about 4-H’ers seeing a need in the community and then stepping up to take action. Dave continued using what he’d learned and experienced in 4-H to assist the community with humane animal control solutions.

 Dave plans to help current 4-H members be part of that revolution as well. Critter Catchers recently established the Critter Catchers Agricultural and Social Entrepreneurship Grant for Lapeer County 4-H members. This program will help several 4-H’ers raise livestock this summer. Normally, members auction the livestock at the county fair and keep the proceeds. Members using the grant funds must distribute the proceeds to the Michigan-based nonprofit organization of their choice. Through this grant opportunity, youth learn about raising livestock, have an impact in the local community and help a cause in which they have a passion.

 Read more about Dave and 4-H here.

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