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Michigan Fresh at the farmers market

One of our successful MSU Extension programs, Michigan Fresh, is coming to farmers markets across Michigan this summer. The program will provide research-based information on how to select, store, preserve and cook the foods found at the markets. Educators at each location will talk with consumers about Michigan foods and hand out some of the more than 80 fact sheets their team has produced.

Michigan Fresh does more than just encourage healthy eating – the program helps support Michigan’s agriculture industry by encouraging consumers to purchase locally grown and produced foods. This helps build a statewide culture of community food systems.

For a list of farmers markets that Michigan Fresh representatives will visit this summer, read “Michigan Fresh comes to a farmers market near you” on the MSU Extension website. If you aren’t able to make it to one of the markets listed, you can find Michigan Fresh materials online. You can also follow Michigan Fresh on Facebook and Pinterest, where over 1,800 recipes feature Michigan Fresh foods.

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Michigan budget approved with increase for Extension

Last week, Gov. Rick Snyder signed the state budget for Michigan for fiscal year 2016, which begins Oct. 1. As we had hoped, the budget included a 1.5 percent increase for Michigan State University Extension and AgBioResearch.

This modest increase is a big vote of confidence from the Legislature and the governor. This is the fourth year in a row we have seen an increase, after the 15 percent decrease in the 2011-12 budget year. We have not fully recouped that loss, but now that we are seeing consistent increases in our funding line, we can be confident that our stakeholders are really seeing our impact.

Now is a good time to let stakeholders who have supported our funding know how much we appreciate their efforts. Be sure to thank them for their dedication to our programs and the residents of Michigan.

Equally important, I want to thank each of you for continuing to deliver high-quality programming and conducting timely research that has a positive effect on Michigan’s families, farmers, businesses and communities. Without you, we wouldn’t have such strong stakeholder support.

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Extension educator recognized by Michigan Lake and Stream Associations

At their annual conference on May 1 and 2 in Boyne County, Michigan, Michigan Lake and Stream Associations, Inc (ML&SA) presented senior Extension educator Jane Herbert with an award to celebrate her career in light of her upcoming retirement in 2016. This lifetime achievement award was presented “in recognition and appreciation for her hard work and long standing commitment to preserving and protecting Michigan’s legacy of high quality inland lakes.”

Jane is a nationally recognized expert on inland lake management with an emphasis on natural shoreline landscaping and bioengineered shoreline erosion control. She has been a major asset to Extension in the development, delivery and evaluation of regional and statewide water resource Extension programming since she joined Michigan State University Extension in 1996.

Jane’s work with ML&SA has been a vital partnership to maintain our natural resources work. Since the 1980s, ML&SA has partnered with MSU Extension to educate waterfront property owners as well as local decision makers on practices and policies to protect Michigan’s 11,000 inland lakes and 36,000 miles of streams and rivers. ML&SA has also provided strong support to statewide partnerships in which MSU Extension provides key leadership, including the Michigan Inland Lakes Partnership and the Michigan Natural Shoreline Partnership.

Jane said, “It’s been a pleasure and a privilege to work shoulder to shoulder with ML&SA for all these years. The award was unexpected but very much appreciated.”

Congratulations, Jane!

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Staff and leadership learn how to work with elected officials

Just recently, Michigan State University Extension colleagues Roxanne Turner, Phil Tocco, Holly Tiret, Ann Chastain and Bethany Prykucki, along with Mike Kovacic, director of stakeholder relations in the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources, Katie Frey from the Director’s Office and I had the good fortune to attend the Public Issues Leadership Development conference in Washington, D.C. April 12‒15. This conference is hosted by the Joint Council of Extension Professionals.

We went to meetings, trainings and programs as part of the conference, which provided invaluable experience about how to communicate with elected officials. During our time in Washington D.C., we met with several elected officials and legislative aids, where we could put our skills to use in practicing good communication and advocating effectively for MSU Extension. I was very proud to see how each of our educators explained the great work they do for the Michigan citizens they work with. As a group, we also met Sen. Debbie Stabenow from Michigan, who is already a great supporter of MSU Extension.

Having strong, effective relationships with our elected officials is crucial for their continued support of MSU Extension. This program was a great step in helping some of our staff members learn the best way to get involved.

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Students learn about good government at 4-H Capitol Experience

More than 80 teens from across the state experienced and explored various aspects of policy, civic engagement and leadership at the annual 4-H Capitol Experience, March 22-25. High school students gathered in Lansing to begin learning from and interacting with state senators and representatives, chaperones and other youth participants.

Over the four-day event, youth participated in a nine-hour Michigan legislative simulation, which required teens to research and propose Senate and House bills, conduct House and Senate leadership position elections, participate in legislative committee meetings, debate and vote on bills, and see their bills signed into law by an acting governor.

In addition to the structured simulation, participants observed actual House and Senate sessions, and visited community and state agencies, lobbyists and legislative aides.

Involvement in Michigan 4-H and Capitol Experience helps foster skills of leadership and involvement in youth. These experiences can be very beneficial in the development of this age group, said Darren Bagley, Michigan State University Extension educator.

“Youth learn how to make the world a better place,” Darren said. “Youth have a unique perspective on the world, they see the world in a way no other group can—they’re free from the cynicism of many adults, and they can use that positivity to make a difference in the world.”

4-H Capitol Experience provides youth with tools, experience and guidance to prepare teens for college and the working world. Objectives of this event include helping youth increase communication, teamwork, citizenship, leadership and skills to help them transition to college and life as an adult; allowing teens to expand career and personal interests while discovering how to be actively involved in influencing policy decisions; and providing youth tools to explore policy issues that may affect individuals and communities.

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Coordinator named for District 11

Richard Wooten

Richard Wooten

Ever since Richard Wooten took over the interim district coordinator position in District 11 for Michigan State University Extension in August, he has exhibited a strong track record with stakeholders in southeastern Michigan. Because of the unique needs of the district, it was important that we could find an experienced leader to serve in this role for the long term. It has become clear that Richard is the right person for the job. He has accepted a direct appointment, effective April 1.

Richard began his tenure with MSU Extension as an educator with the Government and Public Policy Team in the Greening Michigan Institute. It was his decade of experience in land use planning, community and economic development, public policy, and economic development, which set him up to be a great candidate to fill the space. Marie Ruemenapp, outgoing district coordinator, and Edward Scott, district coordinator intern, assist him in building strong relationships with staff members, county officials and stakeholders.

District 11 serves the three most populated counties in Michigan. Richard’s experience, expertise and knowledge in the district will help us further our mission. Richard told us that he is excited to have the opportunity to continue building relationships within the district with county government, industry, human service organizations, agribusiness, youth-serving organizations and other potential partners of Macomb, Oakland and Wayne counties. In this new role, he will also have an opportunity to provide guidance, encouragement and support to the work of MSU Extension faculty educators and staff members as they enhance Extension’s mission and programs.

Please help me officially welcome Richard to his new position, and thank Marie and Ed for continuing their supportive roles!

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Stats you can use to show our impact

Last week, I wrote about the testimonies we have been making to encourage our state legislators to understand the value of Michigan State University Extension. While the administration may be taking on the more overarching conversations on the state level, the strategic communications that you all have on a day-to-day basis across the state are truly essential and can help us all make an even bigger impact. One of the tools that can help prepare you for those conversations is the 2013-2014 Legislative Report.

To prepare this annual report, our colleagues in Agriculture and Natural Resources Communications, the communications staff in AgBioResearch, with help from Jean Schueller, Mary Weinzweig, Bruce Haas, Steve Miller and Brenda Reau, pull our data from the Michigan Planning and Reporting System (MI PRS). It is then transformed into impact stories, data factoids as well as funding information presented with pie charts and infographics. The joint report from Michigan State University Extension and MSU AgBioResearch is then shared with our partners and also posted online.

This report can help facilitate some of the conversations you have with potential partners and current contacts alike. If you aren’t sure what is happening outside of your work team, you can read simple descriptions of programming and their impacts. If you need some support materials to describe your own programming, you will find it in easily digestible statements that you can share with the people you interact with.

Furthermore, the graphics describing our impacts in the beginning of the report can be useful to illustrate the impacts with more than just numbers, and the colorful presentation makes it friendlier to a broad range of audiences.

You can download a PDF of this and previous year’s reports on our website.

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