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ANR Communications projects receive ACE awards

Two projects from Agriculture and Natural Resources (ANR) Communications recently received Association for Communications Excellence (ACE) awards. The ACE Critique and Awards (C&A) program recognizes individuals and teams for excellence in communication and technology skills.

The Michigan State University 4-H Revolution of Responsibility campaign earned a silver award in the category for a marketing communications campaign with a budget of $1,000 or above.

National 4-H launched its Revolution of Responsibility campaign in late 2010 and early 2011. Michigan was one of the first states to adopt the campaign and use it as part of an event in early 2011. Since then, Michigan 4-H has expanded on its use of the Revolution of Responsibility theme, specifically to inform decision-makers at the local, county and state levels of the importance of 4-H programming.

A team in ANR Communications worked together to produce an award-winning campaign.

Communications manager Michelle Lavra developed the overall strategy, came up with the original tone of execution for Michigan’s version of the Revolution of Responsibility campaign, wrote the copy and designed the original fliers, posters and banners, provided photography, sought out stories, wrote video scripts, conducted interviews for videos and wrote some of the print stories.

Technical writer Katie Gervasi wrote print stories; worked on story fliers, marketing fliers and posters; posted Web content and social media; provided photography; handled development, design and production of promotional items; and handled all of the logistics for banner orders, printing and distribution.

Natasha Berryman, a former writer for ANR Communications now an AgBioResearch communications manager, wrote print stories, designed and populated story fliers, posted Web content and social media, and provided photography.

Multimedia production team leader Steve Evans was the producer and videographer for all three videos. He also wrote scripts, did all of the video editing and posted the videos to our YouTube site.

Roses for the Home: Growing Roses in the Midwest (E3157), a revision of Roses for the Home, won a bronze award for a one- to full-color popular publication.

ANR Communications graphic designer Alicia Burnell designed the rose bulletin and Patty Adams edited it.

Mary Wilson, MSU Extension horticulture educator, acted as project coordinator on the effort. Rose expert and MSU Extension Advanced Master Gardener Nancy L. Lindley wrote the bulletin.

Mary; Dr. Bridget Behe, MSU professor of horticulture; Janet Byrne, MSU plant pathology specialist; and Dr. David Smitley, MSU professor of entomology; lent their expertise as reviewers.

Read more about the publication in this June 2012 Spotlight article.

Congratulations on these two award-winning projects!

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Take 10 minutes to make your writing pop

In last week’s Spotlight, I mentioned that the Michigan State University Extension website passed the million mark in page views. The articles you write remain the most popular. I’m pleased you all are working so hard to share your expertise online.

Some of you may be looking for some guidance in writing those articles. In a 10-minute webinar, Natasha Berryman, Agriculture and Natural Resources Communications technical writer, gives some great tips to help make your article one that draws in readers.

Watch the webinar to find out how to write a headline that will help your article rank high in search engine optimization (SEO). Find out what a deck is and how you can turn your deck into a teaser. Discover what’s best to put in your lead, and find out why embedding links is crucial to boosting SEO.

Find the webinar on SharePoint under “MSUE All Staff.” Click on “Explore the elements that make an MSUE News article strong.” Then copy and paste the vimeo link into your browser.

If you can spare 10 minutes, it’s 10 minutes well spent.

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