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Former state director of Michigan 4-H inducted to National 4-H Hall of Fame

In fall 2014, former state director of Michigan 4-H Mike Tate was inducted into the National 4-H Hall of Fame. The National Association of Extension 4-H Agents established the award in 2002 as a 4-H Centennial project. Inductees have included volunteers, supporters, staff members and pioneers who have all made major contributions to 4-H at local, state and national levels.

Mike Tate served in Michigan State University Extension 4-H for 26 years from 1972 to 1998, working to provide opportunities for all youth, including those living in low-income communities and other disadvantaged situations. He left Michigan to expand his career at Washington State University, but his legacy has continued as our 4-H program continues to work to ensure that youth from all backgrounds feel welcome and included.

Regarding his career and induction, Mike said it was, “a lifetime of dedication to the greatest resource, the best resource that we have in our country and that’s our young people.”

He tells a great story about his history with 4-H. Watch his acceptance speech online:

He is in great company considering that past recipients from Michigan include Janet Blanchard, Leah Ritchie, Arne Kettunen and Russ Mawby. During the nomination period, each State 4-H Office can select one person to nominate. Each year, approximately 20 persons are selected from the nominees to be inducted into the National 4-H Hall of Fame. Especially considering the amount of competition for these spots, it is an honor to see so many of our staff recognized for their gifts to the organization.

Congratulations, Mike!

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Presenting our curricula on a national level

Several Michigan State University Extension staff members shared their knowledge and expertise with the national 4-H community at the National Association of Extension 4-H Agents (NAE4-HA) Conference held October 26‒30 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. This was a great opportunity for MSU Extension to expand our reach to a nationwide audience of our peers.

Deb Barrett, Frank Cox and Janice Zerbe presented on the Career Exploration and Workforce Preparation work group’s National 4-H curriculum “Build Your Future: Choices… Connections… Careers.” Health and nutrition experts Janet Olsen and Karen Pace presented “Be SAFE” – to help addressing bullying in 4-H and other out-of-school settings. Judy Ratkos and Jennifer Weichel joined a panel conversation on using data to creatively make the case for 4-H, and Kendra Moyses, Betty Jo Nash and Jodi Schulz presented “Back to the Basics” – life skills curriculum packages to help 4-H leaders increase their impact. Three staff members, Christine Heverly, Glenda Kilpatrick and Janice Zerbe, were also recognized at the event for their service to Michigan 4-H.

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