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Extension staff member wins national technology award

Many of our Michigan State University Extension staff members are busy earning advanced degrees while continuing to work full-time for our organization. MSU Extension 4-H associate program leader Molly Frendo has not only been pursuing a Ph.D. in educational psychology and educational technology (EPET) at the MSU College of Education, she has also won a national award while balancing both worlds. Molly has been selected to receive the National University Technology Network (NUTN) 2013 Student Recognition Award.

NUTN is a consortium of higher education institutions that provides a networking and professional development arena for the advancement of teaching and learning. The NUTN Student Recognition Award recognizes students whose use of distance learning has been both exemplary and impactful in providing opportunities for personal and professional advancement. Molly received the award because of her use of technology in contributing to her work and in advancing her own goals personally.

MSU faculty members Punya Mishra and Leigh Graves Wolf nominated Molly for the award, which she’ll receive Sept. 17 in Albuquerque, N.M., at Network 2013, the NUTN annual conference.

Molly has been at the forefront of advancing technology in Extension, lending her expertise in the area of volunteer management and administration.

She helped create a virtual community of AmeriCorps volunteers through Moodle. She’s led and co-led a variety of workshops on technology on topics such as creating effective and engaging webinars, facilitating effective conference calls and using social networking in a professional manner. More recently, the topics have included using virtual communities to support volunteer retention and using technology to build capacity in volunteer administration. Additionally, she was the closing keynote speaker for the 2013 National Extension Conference on Volunteerism, where the title of her speech was “Finding your Sense of Adventure: Technology and the 21st Century Volunteer.”

In addition, she used MSUE-developed curriculum to teach Grand Valley State University undergraduate social work students about setting appropriate boundaries on- and offline. She was a project manager for the recently published 4-H mentoring curriculum Ready to Go: Mentor Training Toolkit. She also helped launch 4-H Tech Wizards in Michigan.

Active in eXtension, she’s co-facilitated online professional development on both the Learn and Campus sides of the Internet-based collaborative environment. She co-leads the eXtension Community of Practice focused on volunteer administration. She serves on the 2014 National eXtension conference committee, the MSUE I-Team (eXtension Institutional Team) committee and the I-Team website committee. She received an I-Team award last year at Fall Extension Conference for use of technology in programming.

Molly said, “My work here in Extension never was really meant to focus on technology (which is kind of the funny thing!), but I got started in the area of technology through running the AmeriCorps program and using Moodle to do an online community there. It was so successful that we thought about the ways that it could be helpful in other 4-H volunteer environments. In doing this work, we’ve been able to envision the role that technology can and should play on a wider level within the Cooperative Extension Service. There’s a lot of potential for us to innovate how we serve the public and partner together across the country – but the skill set to do that effectively is a new one and we’re working on equipping everyone to do it well. I’ve really enjoyed my work in this area; it’s what prompted me to begin my Ph.D. in this area to be more prepared to serve Extension on a broad level.”

Congratulations, Molly! And thanks for sharing your innovative spirit with MSUE!

Read more here: http://edwp.educ.msu.edu/news/2013/phd-student-wins-national-recognition/

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My Horse University is tops in distance learning

Congratulations to Christine Skelly, Karen Vignare, and Gwyn Heyboer for their leadership of My Horse University (MHU)! Their program and its partner, eXtension HorseQuest, led by Kathleen Anderson, University of Nebraska, were recently named winner of the 2009 Shirley Davis Award for Excellence in Synchronous Distance Learning. Christine is an associate professor of animal science and Karen and Gwyn are distance learning professionals in MSU Global.

MHU is a national online horse management program for horse enthusiasts. Founded by the MSU Department of Animal Science, MSU Extension and MSU Global, this program offers equine education courses and research-based information resources for horse owners and equine professionals that can be tailored to help them improve their understanding of horses and enhance their horse management practices. eXtension HorseQuest is an interactive learning environment delivering research-based knowledge from land-grant universities across America. Visitors can get online answers to their equine-related questions, locate horse events in their area, watch instructional videos, take short courses and participate in webcasts with equine experts across the nation. MHU and HorseQuest are complementary programs in which users seeking general horse information from HorseQuest may benefit from content developed for MHU, and if they are interested in designed courses and certificate programs in horse management, they are directed to MHU. Likewise, MHU links their clients back to HorseQuest for information that may go beyond the courses they are taking. In addition to Dr. Skelly’s leadership, MSU has contributed content by Karen Waite, Camie Heleski, Brian Nielsen, John Shelle, Judy Marteniuk, and Hal Schott to the program.

The Shirley Davis Award for Excellence in Synchronous Distance Learning, given by the National University Telecommunications Network (NUTN), recognizes individuals and institutions that provide superior distance learning opportunities via the Web or video conferencing of a superior nature in the areas of innovation, interactivity, production quality and administrative issues. The award will be presented June 23 at the NUTN annual conference on distance education in Saratoga Springs, N.Y. The conference, “Quality in Motion,” will focus on the challenges to distance learning and technology in a troubled economy. Participants at the NUTN conference represent more than 60 higher education institutions across the country that focus on distance education and the technologies that support education.

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