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Thanks to all who ‘SERVed’

Thanks to all of you who helped promote our Michigan State University Extension professional development by giving SERV (Sharing Extension Resources Virtually) presentations on May 29 and June 5. Thanks also to those who took the time out to participate in the sessions. If you weren’t able to attend the live sessions, I encourage you to visit at this link: http://od.msue.msu.edu/uploads/files/PD/SERV_recording_links_May-June2014.docx

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Elevate your skills

It used to be that if you wanted to learn something new, you had to sign up for a class and pay for it, purchase your textbook, wait till the class began, and then find some way to get yourself to the class. Today, we can access education with the click of the mouse. And in some cases, it’s absolutely free. That’s the case with elevateU, a professional development tool that enables Michigan State University faculty and staff to access courses, simulations, videos, books and more.

 Although elevateU offers plenty of courses geared toward IT and desktop skills, it’s not just a place to find out how to create a cool graph in Excel. Through elevateU, you can access thousands of books and reports. You can create your own customized development plan and receive continuing education credits for professional certifications. You can network using the built-in social media tool InGenius. The Business Impact section contains high impact videos and simulations that dramatize many common business problems and offers solutions. The Challenge series focuses on problem solving and analysis and includes gaming and simulation techniques. The Leadership Development Channel has more than 2,000 video-based programs.

 Some of the many topics covered include customer service, communications and personal development. There are resources on negotiating, listening, dealing with conflict, and building and maintaining trust. But that’s just a small part of the many topics included.

 You can access elevateU through the employee self-service tab of the EBS portal. Look Under “Professional Development” then “Training Opportunities.” Click on “elevateU.”

 View this 45-minute Adobe Connect presentation given by Christy Turner, MSU Human Resources senior learning and development specialist. She gives an excellent overview of elevateU and shows you how to navigate the system.

 This 6-minute video gives a quick summary of elevateU.

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There’s still time to submit your proposed offering for SERV

Sharing Extension Resources Virtually (SERV) is an online professional development opportunity we provide twice annually to facilitate skills development among Michigan State University Extension staff. Most offerings are provided by MSU Extension staff or faculty members who have experience worth sharing. Please consider submitting a proposal for one or more SERV sessions of three possible lengths: 10, 25 or 50 minutes. Sessions can focus on core competencies and skills, knowledge or information relevant to some aspect of MSU Extension, or reports of projects or programs you think your colleagues should know about. And feel free to submit (and host) sessions led by colleagues and partners from outside MSUE. Our one request is that you make your sessions engaging and participatory. Click on this link for more information and to apply. The last day to submit a proposal is April 24.

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New tools for MSU Extension news article writers, reviewers

I have been thoroughly impressed by the work everyone has done writing and submitting their two news articles per month for the MSUE website. To see the quality and breadth of work every day is awe-inspiring. But like any new venture the goal is to continue making it even better.

That is why ANR Communications, led by Michelle Lavra and Beth Stuever, has developed some handy tools for both article writers and article reviewers.

  • The MSU Extension News: Source Guidelines gives examples of appropriate source material and how to references those sources for your articles.
  • The MSUE News: Writers Guide is a checklist that writers can reference as they develop and review their own articles. It covers structure, content, sources, consistency and the final checks you should make before submitting your article.
  • The MSUE News: Reviewers Guide helps reviewers assess and rate certain elements of a news article and make comments to the writer.

While it is not mandated that people use these new tools, I encourage everyone to give them a try. The news articles, which have driven so many new people to our website and increased the exposure of MSU Extension, are an organizational expectation and we must work to increase the quality of the articles. These tools serve as a great way to make the process of writing and reviewing articles easier, quicker and also will result in a better end product.

The MSUE News Toolkit, with all the tools mentioned above, can be found on Sharepoint under MSUE All Staff.

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Deadline for SERV proposals extended

The SERV (Sharing Extension Resources Virtually) program is intended to extend the professional development opportunities that traditionally have been concentrated at Fall Extension Conference to other times of the year, making use of online technology. The SERV Team has extended the deadline to submit proposals for the first round of online workshops. You’ll now have till Jan. 25 to come up with creative session ideas for the March 18 event. See my previous Spotlight article for details on the three types of sessions you can choose from to present.

If you have questions, visit the SERV website or contact any member of the SERV team: Doug Brahee, Megghan Honke, Cheryl Peters, Luke Reese, Matt Shane or Lela Vandenberg.

 Submit your request for proposals on the SERV website.

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Prepare to SERV

With the holidays coming up, it’s easy to get distracted with trying to deal with preparations for the big day while continuing to do our jobs. With our minds filled with decorating, buying gifts and making goodies as well as the usual work-related issues, it’s hard to sometimes remember to get to everything on that to-do list. That’s why I’m reminding you today about an important deadline that I hope does not get lost in the holiday hubbub.

Don’t forget to submit your proposals for the first 2013 Sharing Extension Resources Virtually (SERV) by Jan. 11, 2013. Start thinking about ideas now. SERV will feature many professional development opportunities you can present, attend or both.

Feedback from Fall Extension Conference experiences reflected an interest in having virtual learning opportunities spread throughout the year. SERV will offer three opportunities for online learning in 2013: March 18, June 17 and September 23. All run from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

The SERV Team makes it easy for both the presenter and attendee by offering three types of sessions:

  • Ignite: 5-minute presentation with 20 PowerPoint slides or fewer
  • Lightning Round: 25-minute session with at least 10 minutes of interaction and discussion
  • Traditional Interactive: 50-minute session with at least 15 minutes of interaction and discussion

You may have a particular professional development need you’d like a colleague to cover in SERV. Please share this information with that person – even if they are an Extension employee from another state or someone outside of Extension. We can tap into a wealth of resources to assist us in doing our jobs more effectively.

Find out more, or submit your proposal on the SERV website at http://www.events.anr.msu.edu/event.cfm?folder=rfpmarch2013.

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Virtual Professional Development Days set for 3 Mondays in 2013

I’ve let you know in a previous Spotlight that Michigan State University Fall Extension Conference 2012 is set for Oct. 29 and 30 at the Lansing Center. This will be a face-to-face conference. In response to participant reviews last year, we have decided not to pair FEC with online sessions in the same week. Instead, you’ll get your chance to engage electronically on Virtual Professional Development Days scheduled on three Mondays, March 18, June 17 and Sept. 16, 2013. Yep, you’ll need a 2013 calendar handy to schedule these in so you don’t miss out. Each of these virtual sessions will run from 10 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. followed by an MSU Extension Director’s Update at 4 p.m. We’ll give you more information about the Virtual Professional Development Days and requests for proposals at FEC 2012. We’ll set the 2013 face-to-face dates in the last quarter of 2013. Watch for email updates about FEC.

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