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Thanks to all who ‘SERVed’

Thanks to all of you who helped promote our Michigan State University Extension professional development by giving SERV (Sharing Extension Resources Virtually) presentations on May 29 and June 5. Thanks also to those who took the time out to participate in the sessions. If you weren’t able to attend the live sessions, I encourage you to visit at this link: http://od.msue.msu.edu/uploads/files/PD/SERV_recording_links_May-June2014.docx

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There’s still time to submit your proposed offering for SERV

Sharing Extension Resources Virtually (SERV) is an online professional development opportunity we provide twice annually to facilitate skills development among Michigan State University Extension staff. Most offerings are provided by MSU Extension staff or faculty members who have experience worth sharing. Please consider submitting a proposal for one or more SERV sessions of three possible lengths: 10, 25 or 50 minutes. Sessions can focus on core competencies and skills, knowledge or information relevant to some aspect of MSU Extension, or reports of projects or programs you think your colleagues should know about. And feel free to submit (and host) sessions led by colleagues and partners from outside MSUE. Our one request is that you make your sessions engaging and participatory. Click on this link for more information and to apply. The last day to submit a proposal is April 24.

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Recorded SERV sessions available online

On June 17, we completed a successful SERV – Sharing Extension Resources Virtually event. Participants explored everything from working with military families to managing events. For those of you who were not able to take part in our SERV sessions or for those of you who did and now want to review what you learned, the recorded sessions are available at fec.msue.msu.edu/fec/serv_adobe_connect_rooms.

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Get it free!

I’ve had dozens of questions about copyright since my article on that subject appeared in Spotlight.

In a follow-up article, guest author Agriculture and Natural Resources Communications editor Rebecca McKee answered a question about getting permission to use a photo. She gave helpful tips on requesting permission and using photos from third parties.

Amy Blair, Michigan State University copyright librarian, gave a SERV – Sharing Extension Resources Virtually session June 17 called “Navigating Copyright and Fair Use of Information.” That session is available online here. I encourage anyone who writes articles for MSU Extension News, creates PowerPoints for workshops, develops curriculum or does just about anything that involves using third-party information to watch this webinar.

Besides explaining fair use in copyright law, Amy explains how the MSU Copyright Permissions Center can assist you in obtaining permission to use third-party information. She also mentions some websites that allow use of images as long as you give proper attribution. This can be a real timesaver when searching for that perfect photo – and it’s free!

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