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Lynda.com access extended through Oct. 2012

Embracing technology as a tool in extending the reach of our programs and expanding the information we make available is one of the core principles of our Michigan State University Extension redesign process. Sometimes I know I get a bit nervous when called upon to learn something new. And I always assume there’s a lot more I could do with this software than I know how to use. In these cases, “embracing technology” is more like a weak handshake than a hardy hug. Fortunately, MSU Libraries, Computing and Technology offers some help to put you and technology on friendlier terms.

 In a previous Spotlight article, I mentioned lynda.com. MSU provides this online resource to MSU and MSU Extension staff members free of charge. You can access lynda.com with your MSU NetID.

 Software training on the site covers everything from Access to YouTube. Do you have trouble using track changes in Microsoft Word? There’s a video that explains that. Don’t know what it means when someone asks you to send a “high res JPEG”? View a video to help you with photography terminology. You’re bound to find an answer to at least some of your technology challenges with this extensive selection of instructional videos.

 The great news is that MSU has extended access for another year through Oct. 15, 2012. So click on train.msu.edu/lynda and learn something new!

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