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Stats you can use to show our impact

Last week, I wrote about the testimonies we have been making to encourage our state legislators to understand the value of Michigan State University Extension. While the administration may be taking on the more overarching conversations on the state level, the strategic communications that you all have on a day-to-day basis across the state are truly essential and can help us all make an even bigger impact. One of the tools that can help prepare you for those conversations is the 2013-2014 Legislative Report.

To prepare this annual report, our colleagues in Agriculture and Natural Resources Communications, the communications staff in AgBioResearch, with help from Jean Schueller, Mary Weinzweig, Bruce Haas, Steve Miller and Brenda Reau, pull our data from the Michigan Planning and Reporting System (MI PRS). It is then transformed into impact stories, data factoids as well as funding information presented with pie charts and infographics. The joint report from Michigan State University Extension and MSU AgBioResearch is then shared with our partners and also posted online.

This report can help facilitate some of the conversations you have with potential partners and current contacts alike. If you aren’t sure what is happening outside of your work team, you can read simple descriptions of programming and their impacts. If you need some support materials to describe your own programming, you will find it in easily digestible statements that you can share with the people you interact with.

Furthermore, the graphics describing our impacts in the beginning of the report can be useful to illustrate the impacts with more than just numbers, and the colorful presentation makes it friendlier to a broad range of audiences.

You can download a PDF of this and previous year’s reports on our website.

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Sharing information about the budget

A big thank you goes out to all who have participated in the Strategic Communication’s discussion board. This valuable tool gives the administrative team, and all your colleagues, a glimpse into the discussions and interactions Team MSUE has had with stakeholders as we confront another budget situation.

Right now we’re focusing on selected key stakeholder groups—specifically those in districts with representatives who serve on the Michigan House of Representatives Appropriations Higher Education Subcommittee. I won’t go into another marathon analogy, but we have a long process that we need to be cognizant of before we blanket the Legislature with messages from all of our supporters.

ANR Communications has dedicated a portion of their Web site to the budget situation. Feel free to pass this public link along to people who are looking for more information on the subject.

If you haven’t weighed in on the Strategic Communications discussion board yet, please do. (Be sure to log on to the portal before clicking the link.) We look forward to hearing from you.

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